Robotics in China!

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to China twice in the past two years to help run a robotics tournament there. An organization named China Robotics Challenge (CRC) has been building up a competition patterned after First Robotics Compentition (FRC) They reached out to our team to help them run the competition and teach … [Read more…]

Kinect Controlled Basketball Shooting Robot

In 2012, the FRC game was “Rebound Rumble”. You can see the reveal video for the game here: This was a very difficult challenge since shooting a basketball into a hoop requires both precise aiming and a parabolic trajectory. I believe this was the most difficult scoring challenge in FRC ever. Many teams had extreme … [Read more…]

Team 987

My sons and I are part of FRC robotics team 987. We’re located in Las Vegas and I’ve been one of the team mentors since 2005. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on lots of really cool robots on team 987. I’m going to collect pictures of all of the great robots … [Read more…]

Weclome to our new website

Welcome to our new site. We wanted to re-do the site so that it has a blog where we can post interesting articles in addition to our RC mixers and test devices. Soon I’ll start uploading posts to this blog for some of the projects we’ve worked on for the past few years. Hopefully you’ll … [Read more…]