IMX-1 Invertible Mixer


The IMX-1 provides improved arcade mixing and an invert feature.

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This RC mixer is specifically designed to allow driving a tank steering robot with a single control stick. Our mixing algorithm is specifically designed for controlling robots. An invert feature controlled by an RC channel allows driving the robot inverted. Even non-invertable robots can benefit from the invert feature because inverted controls will allow the robot to be easily driven backwards, leading with the rear.

IMX-1 features include:

  • Use a third RC channel to invert your forward-backward Y channel
  • Failsafe on signal loss
  • Tank mixing algorithm designed to give improved robot control over standard Elevon mixing
  • No need for line boosters when used with IFI speed controllers
  • An LED provides feedback for proper operation
  • Length: 1.9″ Width: 1.25″ Height: slightly taller than a servo connector

Note: The inversion feature of the IMX-1 requires the use of speed controllers which can be calibrated such as the IFI Victor and Thor speed controllers. Unfortunately Vantec speed controllers cannot be calibrated and thus do not work well with our invert feature. You can still use the mixer, but your robot may drift when using the invert feature.


Download the IMX-1 Instructions: IMX1Flyer.pdf