OMX-3 Omni-Directional Mixer


Control a 3-wheel Omni-Directional robot using standard RC gear.

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This RC mixer is designed for three wheeled omni-directional robots. It mixes three input RC channels: x, y, and spin to generate the appropriate signals for motors controlling three omni-directional wheels mounted 120 degrees from each other.

  • 3 wheel omni-directional mixing with translation and rotation input
  • Failsafe on signal loss
  • No need for line boosters when used with IFI speed controllers

One of our customers built a very competitive combat robot using the OMX-3. You can see a video of it in action on YouTube in this video of Skittlebrau vs Sir Nuts and Bolts. Really cool stuff!

Here are some good sources for omni-wheels! (search for “multi-directional”)

Here is a small robot we built to test out the OMX-3: OmniRobot00


Download the OMX-3 Users Guide: OMX-3 Flyer