SB-3 Signal Booster


Boost and split 3 RC channels.

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The SB-3 signal booster can boost and split 3 RC channels for use with popular speed controllers such as the Victor-833. The SB-3 provides signal splitting, eliminating the need for Y-cables. The first input is replicated to 3 output connectors and the other two inputs are replicated to 2 output connectors each. The LED on the SB-3 indicates power and signal status.

SB-3 features include:

  • Boosts 3 RC channels for use with robotics speed controllers such as the IFI Victor 833
  • The LED is on when powered up with good signal.
  • The LED blinks if the signal from the reciever is lost or noisy.
  • Built-in failsafe on detection of signal loss or noise.
  • Channel splitting feature eliminates the need for Y-cables.
  • 3 outputs for the first input channel.
  • 2 outputs for the second and third input channels.
  • Length: 1.9″ Width: 1.25″ Height: slightly taller than a servo connector

“I am very happy with my product. Your selection of 3 channels is perfect. Two drivetrains and a weapon. Size is nice, everything is nice.”
– Terry Wynn, builder of Big Stick


Download the instruction sheet for the SB-3:
SB3 Flyer