Deluxe Motor Tester


Spring-loaded joystick which can control one or two RC devices using 3 different modes.



The RobotLogic motor tester is a tool for prototyping robotics mechanisms. The motor tester is compatible with the popular VEX robotics system. It can be powered by a VEX battery and VEX motor controllers can be connected to its outputs. It can also be used with other standard RC gear such as servos or speed controllers. It is also useful for troubleshooting and isolating problems in robots. It can control two separate motors using three different control modes.

Modes of Operation The motor tester has two independent outputs and supports 3 different modes. Just plug one or two motors into the output connectors and select your mode using the mode switch.

Mode 1: Up-down movement of the joystick commands the two motors to rotate in opposite directions. This is useful for testing arm mechanisms which have opposing motors.
Mode 2: X-Y mode, one motor is controlled by left-right movement of the joystick the other is controlled by up-down movement of the joystick.
Mode 3: Arcade mixing. Useful for testing drive-trains.
Below is a picture of our motor tester controling a simple single motor mechanism:

motor tester demonstration

Here is a picture of our motor tester controlling a more complex mechanism which has motors that must move in unison in opposite directions:

Servo tester demonstration


Download the Motor Tester Users Guide: PDF Format.